Why we now need sustained public protests against fracking – Yorkshire Post letters

From: Dr Simon Sweeney, University of York.

Ryedale communities like Kirby <isperton remain on the fracking frontline.
Ryedale communities like Kirby

UK Onshore Oil and Gas (UKOOG) has upgraded shale gas production estimates by 70 per cent.

The revised estimates assume 5.5 billion cubic feet (bcf) per lateral well, with production hitting 1,400bcf in the early 2030s – eliminating the need for net gas imports.

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The industry estimates 100 drill pads, each with 40 lateral wells. It assumes unhindered flow testing.

Does that mean abandoning the current ‘traffic light’ system for detecting earth tremors?

Clearly anti-fracking campaigners were right: UKOOG intends to industrialise the rural landscape and degrade communities on a massive 

With climate breakdown already happening (record UK February temperatures, rain in February in Greenland, violent storms in southern Europe and the US), it is astonishing that corporate behemoths have the gall to push ahead with more fossil fuel extraction.

Ministers need to unequivocally support renewable energy and energy conservation. The UKOOG estimates are another warning of what is to come.

We need sustained public protest – from adults as well as from children.