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An artist's impression of how HS2 could look
An artist's impression of how HS2 could look
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From: JEF Waring, Woodlesford, Leeds.

I REFER to the article entitled “HS2 will be railway of the next generation” (The Yorkshire Post, February 19). This is yet another attempt to perpetrate the myth that HS2 is coming to Leeds when I believe it is not.

HS2 Ltd has dug itself into a deep hole on which it has wasted vast sums of taxpayers’ money.

The Government is now, and has been for some considerable time, attempting to find someone else to pull the plug on this out-of-control behemoth.

If it was to go ahead, the recent statement by the chief executive of HS2 Ltd that “we are building a railway for over 100 years” would be correct, as it would take this long.

Judging by the progress made so far, HS2 Ltd has been “at it” since 2011 and not yet a single sleeper has been laid.

One other statement that has been made is that HS2 would have a transformative impact on the Yorkshire economy. Yes it would – this would be transformed downwards from the present thriving economy.

The other statement that “we have got to maintain momentum” is what we are doing, but it is spelt with a capital ‘M’.

Please don’t take us for fools.

We don’t all wear flat caps and keep whippets, nor were we all born yesterday.