York's rich history still finding new ways to fascinate us - The Yorkshire Post says

OF all Yorkshire’s great cities, none lives and breathes its history more vividly than York.

York's Museum Gardens.

The sense of how ancient it is, and how many eras it has travelled through since the Romans arrived in 71 AD is felt at every step, and that rich history has been

studied and explored for centuries.

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Yet York still has enchanting new stories to tell about its past. The archaeological excavations under way in the Museum Gardens are revealing previously unknown things about what were once the grounds and precincts of St Mary’s Abbey.

These fascinating finds will only enrich York’s history still further, giving valuable insights into the city’s journey.

Few places in Britain can have been so extensively investigated by archaeologists as York over very many years, each dig turning up answers as well as raising questions.

But as the Museum Gardens are revealing, there is always something new to discover.