YP Comment: The courage of injured jockeys

HORSE racing's champion apprentice in 2009 when attached to Richard Fahey's Malton stables, jockey Freddy Tylicki's riding career couldn't have come to a more abrupt end when a four-horse pile-up last October left him paralysed from his waist down.

Freddie Tylicki

Like all jockeys, he knew the risks. And like all riders who have had the misfortune to suffer life-changing injuries, it’s their courage and positivity in the face of adversity which helps to explain why these very special sporting competitors are a breed apart.

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“You’ve just got to do the best you can out of the situation,” said the jockey in his first major interview since the fateful fall. They are words that can only inspire, and give strength, to those sportsmen, accident victims or members of the Armed Forces whose lives are torn apart like this.