YP Letters: Blanket 20mph limits are expensive solution

From: Geoffrey North, Windsor Mount, Leeds.

Do 20mph zones improve road safety sufficiently to justify their cost?

LEEDS City Council has recently imposed a blanket 20 mph speed limit in my local area of the triangle comprising Cross Green Lane, the Outer Ring Road and Selby Road.

This has cost nearly £30,000 and indeed LCC has spent over £5.2m in the last 10 years creating 20mph speed limit areas in the city.

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Whilst fully accepting the need to reduce road accidents, one has to question whether this blanket whitewash approach to road safety is really cost effective.

A recent Government report has shown that there has been no significant improvement in road safety where such zones have been created.

LCC is budgeted to spend a further £600,000 in the next 12 months on introducing further 20mph zones. Rather than this one-size-fits-all solution, would it not be more cost effective to take a more targeted approach by installing traffic calming measures, near schools and on roads and junctions where speeds and accidents are a problem?

This would probably have a greater effect on reducing the accident statistics, and at a probably lower cost too.