YP Letters: City region plan would only divide us

What now for Yorkshire devolution?What now for Yorkshire devolution?
What now for Yorkshire devolution?
From: Peter Wood, Scaftworth Close, Doncaster.

IN a rare but welcome consultation exercise, voters in Barnsley and Doncaster have been invited to take part in a ‘community poll’ on what sort of devolution they prefer.

Sheffield and Rotherham have signed up to the Government- backed ‘Sheffield City Region’ model while the leaders of Barnsley and Doncaster councils now support a wider ‘One Yorkshire plan for devolution.

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The lack of a voice to speak for the whole of Yorkshire when important Government decisions are being made means that the county is disadvantaged when matters like transport and infrastructure are discussed.

Yorkshire is different to ‘city regions’ in that it covers a large area and contains a number of middle-sized towns and cities which are unsuitable for ‘city region’ status.

The East Coast is an important part of Yorkshire and is often forgotten where transport is concerned.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling is obviously ignorant of Northern matters and Yorkshire in particular which explains why he is making decisions which are plainly wrong.

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Cancelling electrification schemes such as the main London line from Corby to Sheffield and the Trans-Pennine route may save money in the short term but, if they went ahead, Yorkshire, the North and the country would benefit economically from greater efficiency and productivity.

I urge the voters of Barnsley and Doncaster to send a message to the Government that Yorkshire people are tired of being treated like second-class citizens by voting overwhelmingly for wider ‘One Yorkshire’ devolution.

From: Eddie Peart, Broom Crescent, Rotherham.

HARRY Bendon is spot on (The Yorkshire Post, December 6) – the HS2 train will not make it past Birmingham.

I will go one step further and say it will not depart from London.

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The HS2 train was supposed to go through Sheffield, then was altered to go through Meadowhall and altered 
again to go through west of Doncaster.

If the London-Doncaster- Edinburgh line was not there, 
the new HS2 train would have been planned to go further east until a site east of Cleethorpes would have been found.

In the meantime, billions is being spent on the transport structure in London.

A message to the Prime Minister. Please help the North, and Yorkshire in particular, before it is too late.

Keep on paying your taxes folks.

Jerusalem’s peace in peril

From: Geoff Marsden, Buxton Avenue, Heanor, Derby.

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WE were in Israel a few weeks ago and, while there, we went to Jerusalem and the Holy City. We never at any time felt intimidated.

It was akin to walking through any town or city in England.

There were armed soldiers on certain check points, yet they were most friendly and amicable.

The people living there mingled with each other without any qualms.

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The city itself is very, very nice – just like any city in the UK. Plenty of nice shops and restaurants and places of interest.

However now that President Donald Trump has decided to move the American Embassy into Jerusalem and tell the world Jerusalem is the capital of Israel because that is what he wants, he has, or it seems he has, started something he may wish he never had.

Why he has to be so belligerent and interfere with issues that 
do not concern him, only he knows.

When it seems as if the past is being buried and the population are getting on with their lives after years of conflict, there is always somebody who wants to upset the apple cart.

From: John Appleyard, Firthcliffe Parade, Liversedge.

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DONALD Trump has confirmed his decision to relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem, thus recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital even though Palestinians claim the eastern part of the city as their own.

This will constitute the complete abandonment of any peace process and will influence regional unrest and conflict. This view has been echoed by Middle Eastern leaders who have warned of ‘disastrous consequences’. Theresa May should condemn this move and tell President Trump that he is not welcome in this country.

From: Michael Ross, Weeton Lane, Dunkeswick.

HAVE I got this right? Syria’s got a civil war. Iraq’s got a civil war. Lebanon is being slowly digested by Hezbollah. Yemen’s got a civil war. IS is operating in Egypt. Hamas is doing what Hamas does.

The Palestinians are paying people to stab Jews. Iran has in the past threatened to ‘wipe Israel off the map’ but, by recognising a 3,000-year-old truth, Donald Trump is going to set the region aflame.

Have I got this right?

Facts on fuel allowance

From: Michelle Haswell, Ainderby Road, Northallerton.

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I REFER to Joan Bakewell’s speech (The Yorkshire Post, December 7). My husband David receives £100 fuel allowance each year. I receive £100 too. That totals £200, not £300 as per her article. It is payable per household not per individual. Misinformation helps no-one. Get it right.

From: L Schofield, Canada Road, Leeds.

I HOPE all pensioners will remember that it was a Labour government which gave them winter fuel allowances, free bus passes, pension credits and free TV licences!

What have the Tories ever done for pensioners?