YP Letters: Pooling our resources for flood victims

Members of the Mountain Rescue teams wade through floodwater in Skeldergate, York.Members of the Mountain Rescue teams wade through floodwater in Skeldergate, York.
Members of the Mountain Rescue teams wade through floodwater in Skeldergate, York.
THERE is discussion currently concerning flood insurance for both private and commercial establishments (The Yorkshire Post, February 10).

Here is food for thought. I, like many thousands of households throughout the UK, have not had a claim for many years. Why not pool this money to help those less fortunate?

Competent administration would be required and I realise the insurance companies may not like the idea, but it would help stabilise premiums.

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Furthermore, it might stop customers being priced out of insurance. I realise some would say this is nationalisation but others might say that it is common sense.

Methodism in motion

From: Keith Jowett, Woodland Rise, Silkstone Common, Barnsley.

YOUR correspondent David Treacher is obviously not aware of a custom in the Methodist Church involving the movement of its clergy. He asks (The Yorkshire Post, February 9) why church ministers do not move to a new church every few years to avoid their congregations leaving because of boredom in having heard the same sermons over and over again?

From its earliest days, Methodism has promoted an itinerant ministry with its clergy moving to a new circuit every five years or so. The founder of Methodism, John Wesley, himself travelled constantly spreading his word.

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The practice of regular interchange of staff has both strengths and weaknesses.

Churches may be reluctant to lose a popular minister and continuity with new initiatives might be lost. However, should the minister not strike a rapport with the congregation, at least they can hope for better times with a successor!

Managers maligned

From: Paul Willetts, Stockton on Tees.

ANOTHER interesting, albeit amusing piece, by Sir Bernard Ingham on the NHS and junior doctors (The Yorkshire Post, February 10).

I was one of seven senior NHS managers in an acute Trust employing close on 7,000 staff.

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Of the seven, one was a radiographer, four were nurses, one a pathology technician and one a graduate management trainee. I put it to the ill-informed Sir Bernard that this is not an unreasonable number, nor unreasonable professions for senior managers in the NHS?

Escape from grip of EU

From: D Wood, Howden.

I AM afraid your contributor Mr Ellison (The Yorkshire Post, February 5) is wrong when he says the EU does not govern us.

Who does he think came up with and inflicted upon us, the free movement of people, the CAP, the CFP, and the euro, which has bankrupted a third of its members?

The Americans want us to stay in the EU because they know it greatly handicaps our businesses and industries. I, like millions of others, don’t want to be governed by a German dictatorship or by the US, but by an independent democratically-elected sovereign British government. Yet, once out of the EU, we will need politicians worth the name instead of the spineless shower we have now.

Smoke and mirrors

From: Ron Firth, Woodgarth Court, Campsall, Doncaster.

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I AM not surprised to hear that the Department of Energy and Climate Change has scrapped the £1bn fund to introduce CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) at Drax Power Station.

The leaders of all political parties have paid lip service 
to CCS without having 
any genuine intention of developing it.

If only our Northern MPs would, for once, relegate their personal political interests to the interests of all constituents.

Interwoven with faith

From: Iain Morris, Saltaire.

MARTYN L Scargill (The Yorkshire Post, February 5) points out that Great Britain is a Christian country.

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However I have worked on the shop floor of the Bradford textile industry alongside people who used to fast all day long during Ramadan and who were not trying to push God out of the picture either.

A treat every Saturday

From: Mrs CM Kirkbright, Helmsley, York.

I WANT to tell you how much I enjoy the Saturday edition of The Yorkshire Post. The main section with the letters and great articles by columnists such as Tom Richmond. The Property section. The Magazine, but most of all Country Week with super photographs like the one (February 6) of the five men standing in front of the corn stack. Marvellous!

My father often told us of his days working on the farms on Sunk Island, land reclaimed from the Humber. The finest wheat growing land in the country.