YP Letters: Queen should not apologise over Philip’s crash

From: Barry Foster, High Stakesby, Whitby.

Controversy continues following the Duke of Edinburgh's recent car crash.

SOME years ago I was unfortunately, was involved in a road accident whilst driving my car. Regretfully, I knocked someone down.

The police were called. I was advised not to contact the injured at any time as this would probably be accepting responsibility. The insurance company would do all that was necessary.

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Why on earth are the media giving so much publicity, following the Duke of Edinburgh’s recent crash 
near Sandringham, to the woman with a broken wrist in the other car? She is certainly dining out on her moment of glory.

We all have road accidents in our driving careers. Leave it at that and why the Queen should pick up the phone to apologise is beyond me.

Prince Philip was at fault on the subsequent weekend for not having a seat belt on, that is all at the present time.

But those who are having a go at the aged should remember they will be aged one day.