YP Letters: Road tax exception would save classic cars

Will fuel duty go up in the Budget?Will fuel duty go up in the Budget?
Will fuel duty go up in the Budget?
From: Karl Sheridan, Selby Road, Holme on Splading Moor.

A PETITION is underway to get the Government to reinstate the 25-year rolling road tax exemption. Sadly this exemption was rescinded by the tight-fisted Labour government.

Britain has a fantastic motoring heritage and its only through the various car clubs and enthusiasts that own and maintain old cars that keep our heritage alive.

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This exemption is fine for those owners of cars over 40 years old but time has moved on and thousands of 80s and 90s classics are being scrapped because owners cannot afford the high taxation on these cars, thus we are losing landmarks in our motoring history.

The manufacturing and supply of classic car parts, plus the various classic car shows and exhibitions that draw in the public, provide many millions in revenue both to business as well as the Treasury and bringing back the 25 year tax exemption would benefit all involved.

From: Ryan Brooke, Middleham.

HAVING campaigned 
against fuel duty increases, George Osborne is considering 
imposing a small rise in duty 
to mask his mismanagement 
of the economy.

One word springs to mind – hypocrite.