Don’t blame EU for decline of Britain’s steel industry - Yorkshire Post letters

From: James Bovington, Horsforth, Leeds.

Is Brexit uncertainty to blame for British Steel's financial demise?

YOUR correspondent Michael Meredith (The Yorkshire Post, June 14) is correct to stress the importance of honouring the sacrifice of the D-Day generation.

Hence I am delighted to tell readers that I will be leading a group of 56 students to Normandy in August and, before that, we will hold a D-Day ceremony at my school.

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Mr Meredith is also right to point out that having a strong manufacturing base is vital to our region’s success. However he is wrong to attribute the apparent demise of the British steel industry to our membership of the EU. In fact quite the contrary as membership of the European Single Market enables us to participate in the biggest free trade area in the world.

Steel is doing well in China but not in the US where previous steel producing regions are now described as the ‘Rust Belt’ and Donald Trump has not been able to reverse this. While Jeremy Corbyn might be keen to leave the EU in order to pour taxpayers money into a range of ‘lame duck’ industries in order to please his boss, the anachronistically insular Len McCluskey, such a move would simply see our manufacturing industries blacklisted from tendering for lucrative foreign contracts.

From: Mr A Barlow, Hyde Park, Doncaster.

THERE is a simple solution to Brexit. The democratically-elected government must act upon the majority vote and we leave the EU (deal or no deal) on October 31, After all, they’ve now had three years to sort it out.

MPs are elected to represent the very people who put them in employment. Every single MP that has tried to block Brexit, like Doncaster’s Ed Miliband, should now have the common decency to resign and force by-elections. The UK electorate, I believe, has enough sense not to vote Jeremy Corbyn into 10 Downing Street.

From: Leon French, Grasmere Avenue, Intake, Doncaster.

I WAS delighted to see Andy Walker, the Yorkshire Party councillor, submit a motion to East Riding Council calling
on it to declare a climate emergency.

The science is clear: Our planet is in grave danger if we don’t take this threat seriously. It will take all of us to change this and work towards becoming carbon neutral by 2030. The leadership shown by the Yorkshire Party should be emulated by politicians across the board. Brexit may be an important issue, but it won’t matter if we don’t have a planet.