Ex-Tory chair now backing Jeremy Corbyn has got it totally wrong about Boris Johnson: Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Gordon Lawrence, Sheffield.

Jason Aldiss has said he will not back the Conservatives under Boris Johnson.

His Brexit opposition, I assume, centres very largely on the economic issues for surely that is where Remainers believe their arguments are by far the strongest.

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The backstop or customs union issue was the weak point in the May deal and Johnson’s deal still leaves a successful negotiation on trade to be delivered.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson at Fox Valley Shopping Centre, Stocksbridge, Sheffield. Pictured Prime Minister Boris Johnson, with Miriam Cates, Conservative parliamentary candidate for Penistone & Stocksbridge, South Yorkshire, and Mark Dransfield, Owner of Fox Valley Shopping Centre, and MD of Dransfield Properties.

Evidently, however, in voting Labour he seems not to be concerned about our 60 per cent loss of sovereignty, and forever shrinking, as the gravy train inevitably rolls on towards its final imperial destination and the associated attenuation of our national identity.

He does not seem to appreciate that these value judgments in the eyes of most Leavers transcend the economic ones, especially as the latter are of diverse interpretation.

One thing I feel certain about is, if Corbyn and McDonnell gain power and implement their plans, the economy will be devastated. It always happens. Venezuela, Ecuador, even to a lesser extent in France with Francoise Hollande; all the trials have been made with the same ending!

Dr Aldiss’s assurance that Remainers voting Labour will not return a left-wing Government does not reassure me and anyway, if not, why vote that way?

Then there is his baleful animosity towards Johnson and his lobby – “insurgents, chancers and double dealers”, as he calls them.

I fail to see this as just and fair when Leavers have been thwarted for three-and-a-half years by a legion of devious and ruthless Remainers, such as Blair, Grieve, Swinson, Starmer, Hesseltine, Major, Miller and even the Speaker who have colluded, plotted and conspired with Brussels and used every cheap trick in the book to stop Brexit and contravene the democratic decision of the people in the biggest turnout in modern British history.

From: Peter Staniforth, Glusburn.

Dr Jason Aldiss is a prime example of Brexit problem. A total refusal to accept the referendum result equates to ignorance of democracy.