Government tactic of shifting blame onto the poor for cost-of-living crisis must end - The Yorkshire Post says

At a time of national crisis with the cost of living proving insurmountable for thousands of families, that absolute minimum that the public should be able to expect from Whitehall is a modicum of compassion.

However, with each minister put up for media interviews over the past few weeks, it seems that this is not the approach the Government wishes to adopt.

The latest act of disrespect came during a Sky News interview with safeguarding minister Rachel Maclean in which she suggested those struggling with the cost-of-living crisis should consider taking on more hours at work or moving to a better-paid job.

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With inflation soaring and prices at astronomical levels, one would expect a Government minister, particularly one charged with ensuring the wellbeing of citizens, to try to offer a glimmer of hope, or at the very least a sense that action to alleviate pressures would be forthcoming.

Rachel Maclean has suggested people work extra hours to cope with rising costs.

Instead the tactic is to shift the blame towards the poorest in society with patronising advice that it is somehow individuals’ fault that they are encountering such desperate circumstances.

This is of course far from an isolated incident. In recent weeks we have had the Prime Minister claim that pensioners would somehow be protected from sky high prices due to the extended bus pass scheme and environment secretary George Eustice claim hard up consumers should purchase value brands in order to conserve money.

This strategic tactic of shifting responsibility for the crisis to those with the least will carry little water with the poorest in society struggling to make ends meet and choosing between heating and eating.

For a Government installed with such a high majority, the onus now needs to shift inward. An emergency budget needs to be called urgently to ensure no further damage is done to hard-working families health and wellbeing.