How GP home visit saved my life during pregnancy trauma – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Janet Berry, Barfield, Hambleton.

A reader says that a GP home visit saved her life.

I AM horrified to hear that
home visits by GPs are to be removed. When I was a young mother, I was in such pain that my mother rang up for our doctor to visit.

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In the 1960s, you knew your family doctor and he knew you. He said he thought I was having an ectopic pregnancy and I was rushed into hospital. I was extremely ill and was operated on straight away. The embryo had split my fallopian tube.

GPs say they no longer have sufficient time to undertake home visits.

I am sure this family visit saved my life. This same doctor visited my mother, who was dying of cancer, on a daily basis. My daughter has two doctor friends in their 40s, they work only two or three days a week and moan all the time. What has happened to the work ethic and caring of doctors these days? I might not be alive today if our GP had not visited that fateful day.

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

ONCE again The Yorkshire Post leads the agenda with its call for the term ‘bed-blocking’ to be banned (December 5). Elderly hospital patients are not to blame – but Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt and Matt Hancock do have a lot of questions to answer for their repeated failures to publish the Green Paper first promised in the aftermath of the 2017 election.