Is Boris Johnson the worst Prime Minister ever, an out of touch buffoon, or a miracle worker?

This is how you reacted to the Tory leader's party conference speech and The Yorkshire Post's editorial comment. Post your views here - or email your letters to yp,[email protected]

Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivers his keynote speech at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester.

Following our coverage of Boris Johnson's speech at the Conservative Party Conference yesterday (October 6), you took to social media to have your say.

Here's what you had to say.

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Patt Blackett. "The worst PM we have ever had, totally incompetent."

Jeremy Baker. "Sure he is quaking in his shoes with an 80 seat majority."

Andy Pogson. "Boris Johnson, a man promoted beyond his capabilities."

Wendy Bowering. "Total embarrassment."

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Tony Robson. "At end of day they can’t keep borrowing so they have to do something. They looked after us all in the pandemic."

Vicky Chisholm. "They looked after themselves and their mates more."

Richard Mainprize. "Looked after us, they also looked after their mates. The truth is the Tories hate the NHS and love causing misery for millions.

Antony Gatley. Three word slogans that mean absolutely nothing but his audience lap them up because that’s all they want. He and what he stands for is everything that is wrong in the world today."

Geoff Wright. "Build Back Better. People’s Priorities. Awful Alliteration."

John Dixon. "Soak the poor to pay the rich, it’s what all parties dobecause they know it’s the path of least resistance."

Richard Mainprize. "He is a compulsive liar and is slowly ruining this country."

@The_ChrisShaw. "Yet more empty promises from the emperor’s new clothes."

@KarlTurnerMP. "Seriousness about public duty, decency and integrity with Sir Keir Starmer versus complete and utter bluster, dishonesty and contempt for the public with Boris Johnson."

@SmartCircleComm. "Across the land, huddled masses outside food banks and in alleyways, debate the historic importance of Johnson’s speech."

Fred Pickering. "It does not matter what he says. People vote for him look at Bassetlaw. Best result in 105 years."

Antony Gatley. "I likened it to many of Boris’s expulsion of utter lies, waffle and absolute utter contempt for the truth and for the public in general."

Phil Swinglehurst. "Nearly all fabricated lies as per usual. Tell us what we want to hear and not the truth."

Emma Hardy. "Lots of wishful thinking and accurate criticism of past PMs but no substance. The October 27 Budget will define his tenure."

Gary Marsh. "I have no interest in what he has to say."

David Roy. "‘Bunter’ was scared and covered it with his usual lies and bluster, promising jam tomorrow."

Karl Riley. "Full of bluster and waffle. Soundbites and no substance."

Richard Taylor. "Like any politician, you know he’s lying. His lips are moving."

Nick Kefford. "Nothing more than balderdash, he’s living in cloud cuckoo land and he seems to think the whole situation is very amusing. In summary a dangerous lunatic out of touch with reality."

Elaine RJ. "All waffle and meaningless, empty rhetoric. Slogans and bluster with no substance. Typical of this buffoon."

Lee Mason. "Nothing constructive, nothing genuine, nothing we wanted to hear. Guess we’ve just got to get through on our own as usual."

Derek Paterson. "Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies."

David Whiteley. "Great speech, upwards and onwards"

Keith Sinclair. "Fantastic speech – we are in for a great run now."

Barbara Robson. "Lies, lies and more lies."

David Pearson. "It was brilliant – if you like bad jokes delivered poorly."

Ken Grey. "Waffle, blah blah and lies. The Tory sheep lapped it up. They have gone full on Trump and GOP."

Adam Hart. "Long since past the point where I can bear to a listen to a single word he says."

Allan Jolly. "His biggest lie yet."

Tony Fawcett. "Oblivious to the problems of the poor, the old and the economy. Blind to the problems faced by business, labour shortages, and soaring inflation that everyone can see, but Boris seems to be oblivious to it."

Aileen Larsen. "He forgot to mention his party has been the government for the past 11 years."

Bryan Allam. "His party have been in power for 11 years. During this time, the gap between the rich and the rest of us has only grown wider. Only fools and the heartless believe a word this excuse for a leader utters."

Eileen Rich. "I thought he was brilliant.."

Sarah Thornton. "I just can’t respect him, I’ve even tried to. I am so done with him but feel so helpless and frustrated, we are stuck with the guy who struggles to groom his own hair and look presentable."

Jean Childs. "Just waffle, hasn’t a clue how the other half lives."

Mark Johnson. "My impression was that he is not like us and cannot believe that ordinary working people are taken in by such meaningless, bumbling waffle."

Paddy Doherty. "Absolutely no substance, just an advert for the Conservative Party."

Pauline Lowrey. "The usual utter twaddle."

Paul Goulden. "Meaningless slogans."

Lillian Bould. "Anyone can talk the talk. But it’s walking the walk that counts."

Ben Finch. "We must be the only species on the planet to pick the weakest and most stupid to lead them."

Stevie Rayner. "The ramblings of a madman."

Andy Hewitt. "If you believe the Tory “levelling up” mantra, you are dafter than you look" .

Mick Tomo. "Garbage – we need to reclaim our red wall back."

Ian Falck. "Better then the Labour conference speech."

Jonathan Jones. "Cracking terrible “jokes” while people get a £20 a week reduction in Universal Credit?"