Jeremy Clarkson right to back farmers on diversification - The Yorkshire Post says

For close to a generation, farmers have been told that in order to be successful they must diversify what they do as businessmen and women.

And, the farming community in Yorkshire and the UK did just that, opening farm shops, marketing their wares as individual products and opening playgrounds and other attractions to great success.

However, increasingly, authorities are slamming the door shut in the face of those seeking to improve their offering to consumers.

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While broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson’s complaints about his inability to get planning for his farm may enjoy a mixed reaction, it is not acceptable to deny producers’ reasonable requests to convert buildings or construct car parks in order to make their businesses more viable.

Jeremy Clarkson on his Oxfordshire farm

Farmers know their land and business best, and they should be supported when they seek to make changes for the betterment of their offerings and for that of the rural community.