Labour’s double standards over Brexit are abhorrent - Yorkshire Post letters

From: Jayne K Adye, Director, Get Britain Out.

Has Jeremy Corbyn's latest policy shift betrayed Brexit supporters?

JEREMY Corbyn has betrayed the 3.9 million Labour Brexit voters with the announcement Labour will be supporting a second referendum, and taking a Remain stance on Brexit in the event of a Conservative or no-deal Brexit (The Yorkshire Post, July 10).

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Boris Johnson is favourite to become the next Tory leader and Prime Minister.

Labour’s double standards are abhorrent! The party has said it will pursue Brexit “if it is in power, but will seek to reverse Brexit whilst in opposition”. Labour is willing to change its opinion based on whether they are in Government or not. Either way, clearly the party does not respect its voters, its membership or the British people.

By finally coming out and supporting Remain, the far Left is now willing to sacrifice the last shred of confidence the public has in its political class. At a time when the people’s confidence in the House of Commons is at an all-time low, Labour has really done its best to guarantee the worst fears of the British people – by ignoring the people’s views, rather than representing their voices in Parliament.

From: Barry Pringle, Stockton Lane, York.

SO much for Great British democracy: the next Prime Minister has the power to bring the country to its knees for decades to come, to start the Troubles again, to threaten the security of the country, and to cause Scotland and Northern Ireland to break away from the UK.

Never since the Second World War have we faced such turbulent times, but the people in whom the country’s future depends number a quarter of a per cent of the electorate, and are predominantly middle-aged, middle-class white males, almost a half of whom live in the south of England.

Under such crucial circumstances would it not 
have been more apposite to allow the electorate of the country to select the next Tory PM, even if they would never vote Conservative?

From: David Cragg-James, Stonegrave, York.

A SMALL group of Conservative Party members are just about to elect Boris Johnson whose inability to act as a statesman on the occasion of his public comments on Nazanin Zaghar- Ratcliffe, and now on the British Ambassador to Washington, Sir Kim Darroch, have disadvantaged both of them, one very seriously, whilst bringing discredit upon the country he hopes to lead, its government and its head of state. What have we come to?