Alhambra's Billionaire Boy brilliant but messy punters should be ashamed - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Angela Calvert, Ghyll Close, Steeton, Keighley.

Hats off to the production company for the Billionaire Boy performance on Saturday evening (23.07.22) at the Alhambra. Really entertaining.

Were you there?

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Did you sit in the stalls?

Bradford's Alhambrad Theatre. Picture: Simon Hulme.

I was ashamed. As we were leaving the theatre I glanced back to make sure nothing had been left but to my horror saw that the majority of people had simply discarded their rubbish.

Is this what we’re teaching our children/grandchildren? Do we do this at home?

Was it too much trouble to take it to the bin on the way out?

I hope you’re ashamed of yourselves.

I’m not surprised there is a rat epidemic, if you do this indoors what do you do out doors?