Anger of hauliers as Boris Johnson denies responsibility for HGV driver crisis – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Colin S Moore, Hamilton Drive, York.

The fuel distribution crisis has highlighted wider problems with the economy.

HAVING spent most of my working life in road haulage and logistics, I was recently called back to help a former employer in the staffing crisis.

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Though I am no great admirer of transport firm managements, many have worked their socks off to keep deliveries going.

The fuel distribution crisis has highlighted a national shortage of HGV drivers.

No wonder many in the industry are bitterly angry at Boris Johnson’s crude attempt to blame them for the crisis. Logistics firms warned of looming problems months ago, but the Government took no action.

They now try the same trick – blaming farmers for problems with food supply. No wonder food producers were demonstrating at the Conservative Party conference.

Just to speculate: if Labour had won the last election and faced the same crisis, would the Conservatives then have said it was the fault of farmers and hauliers? You can bet they’d have been calling for the resignation of the PM and his Cabinet.

We have a Government that will blame everyone but itself.

From: Geoff Simpson, Upper Denby.

IS it a coincidence that about one month ago there was no or little talk re the shortage of tanker drivers, and yet probably 10-14 days later we now find ourselves in this “mess” of fuel stations being devoid of petrol and diesel?

I have this notion in my head that when some elements of the media get hold of half a story they can, by using that magical word “panic”, create same. I wonder if the same media keep saying long enough that shelves will “be empty at Christmas”, they just might be. It’s always someone’s fault but not mine.

From: Peter Packham, Shadwell Lane, Leeds.

READERS may remember that in 2016 Brexiteers told us we had to leave the EU so we weren’t governed by unelected bureaucrats, yet last week the Prime Minister and leader of the Vote Leave campaign made Malcolm Offord a life peer and appointed him as a minister in the Scottish Office.

Offord has donated £147,500 to the Conservative Party and is the 21st peer to be made a minister in Boris Johnson’s government. So much for getting rid of unelected bureaucrats.

It is an affront to democracy that Conservative Party donors can become peers and government ministers, but it also another example of the government’s contempt for Parliament and refusal to submit to scrutiny.

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