Asylum plan at Linton-on-Ouse RAF base an insult to soldiers like my father - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: John Kiddey JP, Torquay, Devon.

Using the former RAF base at Linton-on-Ouse in Yorkshire to house asylum seekers is an insult to the memory of men like my late father who flew from that airfield in the Second World War.

Archie Kiddey was just 23 when he was shot down in July 1941 on his third mission from Linton after which he spent almost four years as a prisoner of war.

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Two of his fellow crewmen died when their Halifax bomber burst into flames and crashed in occupied Holland.

Protestors in Linton-on-Ouse. Picture: Danny Lawson/PA.Protestors in Linton-on-Ouse. Picture: Danny Lawson/PA.
Protestors in Linton-on-Ouse. Picture: Danny Lawson/PA.

My father joined the RAF because he wanted to see Hitler and the Nazis defeated just as young men in Ukraine now sign up to fight against Russian tyranny.

The thought that his old airbase is to be turned into a glorified detention camp for people fleeing war and oppression is grotesque.

Winston Churchill paid a secret visit to Linton-on-Ouse to stiffen the resolve of aircrew in those dark early days of the war; what would he have made of this tawdry idea, I wonder?