BBC should move Scottish operation to Yorkshire if independence goes ahead: Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Keith Massey, Bishopthorpe.

Nicola Sturgeon is the First Minister of Scotland.
Nicola Sturgeon is the First Minister of Scotland.

SO Prime Minister Boris Johnson promises “levelling up” in the Queen’s Speech (The Yorkshire Post, May 12). We can but hope for some scraps for Yorkshire.

Despite the recent furore of the No 10 ‘wallpapergate’, Johnson – incredibly, once again – manages to survive and take on the Westminster bubble and gain Hartlepool!

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I love our politics but Sir Keir Starmer has much to do in making Labour relevant again. He’s a decent guy but sadly lacking in the ‘X’ Factor.

Is Boris Johnson doing enough to advance the levelling up agenda?

You look at their front row team and think: “Do I want them as the government of this country?” Most of them seem like school children.

I get heartily tired of seeing Nicola Sturgeon on the TV – it hasn’t helped that she’s had her own daily slot on national television because of lockdown - which must have helped her chances in the elections.

Even though she canvassed on promoting recovery from coronavirus, she’s now immediately up to her old 
tricks of carping on about Scottish independence – even though the Scots knew it was a once-in-a-generation referendum in 2014.

She’s now moved up from one chip on her shoulder to two. It worries me that I’ve never seen her smile properly?

Doesn’t she know when she’s well off? The Barnett Formula has done them very nicely with a £2,500 personal gain for each person in Scotland and free university tuition.

However, with her obsession, Scotland is failing under the SNP.

I hope the BBC are making plans to immediately close down the national broadcaster’s operation from Scotland exactly one minute past midnight on the day of independence and move it to Yorkshire (where we still only have standard definition), as we have the same population.

They can bring all the multi-million pound production down to Yorkshire and rent space from ITV in the former Yorkshire TV studios – a real television studio and not an office block – that used to put Yorkshire on a national and world map.

Now that would be real levelling up and very obvious.

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