Benefits of HS2 will outweigh mooted costs - Yorkshire Post letters

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From: Richard Smithson, Hawksley Avenue, Chesterfield.

LORD Berkeley and others have complained that HS2 costs are spiralling out of control (The Yorkshire Post, January 6) and could reach £100bn. Is he also going to question the cost of Crossrail, now estimated at £40bn? HS2 is approximately 300 miles in total. Crossrail, the main section, 25 miles. In my book that means HS2 is five times less per mile of track.

HS2 continues to divide opinion.

HS2 continues to divide opinion.

HS2: Are critics ‘bottles of scotch’ or is the project ‘for the birds’?

HS2 will benefit a huge section of the country. Its cost also is spread over 20 years.

All massive infrastructure projects are likely to go over-budget given the timescales and unforeseen problems. The Channel Tunnel is one example. Even in Victorian times the Leeds Liverpool canal went 10 times over-budget. I don’t question that more oversight is needed – too many vastly overpaid managers and consultants seem to be employed on all similar projects – but rail capacity is stretched to the limit. We need this to change and sooner rather than later. Just remember we bailed the banks out to the same amount – overnight.

Taxpayer on course to make £40 billion loss on HS2, according to report

A HS2 construction site in North London.

A HS2 construction site in North London.

From: Jarvis Browning, Fadmoor, York.

IF they do scrap HS2, allocated money should be spent on upgrading the existing routes and adding more tracks where possible.