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Boris Johnson with Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland.
Boris Johnson with Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland.
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From: Terry Wright, Bempton Lane, Flamborough, Bridlington.

FOLLOWING the election, which was a fantastic result for the Conservatives, the inquest is now on as to what went wrong with Labour’s campaign (John Grogan, The Yorkshire Post, January 3).

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn with Emily Thornberry, the Shadow Foreign Secretary.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn with Emily Thornberry, the Shadow Foreign Secretary.

Why Young Tories in Yorkshire expect patriotism from their leaders – Jayne Dowle

It appears that they took for granted the constituents in so-called safe areas so they got their comeuppance.

Brexit must not put United Kingdom at risk – Dan Jarvis

Comrades Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, in particular, caused the demise of the Labour vote – who could possibly vote for their agendas apart from a few diehard supporters? Every week they came out with uncosted giveaways which were never going to be sustainable, the last straw being free broadband costing £54bn on top of everything else.

Will Boris Johnson deliver Brexit by the end of the month?

Will Boris Johnson deliver Brexit by the end of the month?

How Freeports will transform Tees Valley and North after Brexit – Ben Houchen

In spite of anti-Brexit scaremongering by the likes of Michael Heseltine, Sir John Major and Tony Blair – they all had their time with bad mistakes – at the end of the day the right party, with the right common sense policies and led by the right PM, won comfortably with a mandate to get things done. The last three years have been a disgrace by our MPs. Not any more. It also was pleasing to see that those who opposed the 2016 Brexit vote, whichever ship they jumped on, lost their seats.

As for Nicola Sturgeon, her delight at being informed that the SNP had won Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson’s seat summed up what an awful woman she is.

From: Peter Wood, Doncaster.

AFTER more than three years of uncertainty, I hoped that the UK had finally accepted the result of the 2016 referendum and was ready to move on and build a future outside the EU.

A forlorn hope, it seems, if your correspondent Ian Richardson (The Yorkshire Post, January 2) gets his way. He accuses English people of ‘arrogance and delusion’, and claims that ‘millions of Scots have far more in common with most EU states than an England that has never treated Scots as equals’.

Currently Scotland elect 59 MPs for the Westminster Parliament, and MPs for the Scottish and EU Parliaments. Scotland therefore enjoys greater democratic representation than anywhere in the UK (because the Scottish Parliament has more devolved powers). This is hardly evidence of a people downtrodden and cowed by its larger neighbour.

The clamour for Scottish independence does seem to be reaching a crescendo as some, like Mr Richardson, seem to prefer to belong to a France and Germany-dominated EU rather than the UK. Perhaps it is time English people had a vote on whether England should be an independent nation!

From: Olivier Sykes, Liverpool.

THE oldest trick in the dodgy sales pitch handbook is to flog people a solution to a problem you have created yourself. Recently this has been made into a fine art in politics too.

Having being largely responsible for foisting ‘Brexit’ onto the nation, Boris Johnson now presents himself as the man to ‘get it done’ double quick with an ‘oven ready’ knockdown price deal “just for you”. He is basically selling himself as the solution to a problem he helped create with his dubious sales patter.

If it is all so easy, then why did he take so long before stepping up to the mark? Probably because he was waiting for people to be so fed-up of the whole pointless mess that they’d accept any old rubbish he delivers at any cost, just so they can have the illusion that Brexit is finally behind us.

From: Sue Appleyard, Ilkley.

MICHAEL Thompson of Brixham (The Yorkshire Post, January 4), feels the need to tell us that the reason Jeremy Corbyn and Labour lost the election is because all us Northerners are just, well, thick, and don’t understand politics at all.

Now where have I heard this before? Oh yes, the Remainers after the Brexit vote didn’t go their way. Jeremy Corbyn and Labour lost the election because they didn’t deserve to win and most of us were savvy enough to know that the last thing we needed was an extreme left-wing government.