Boris Johnson’s day of reckoning nears as he dodges responsibility – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Ian Richardson, Beverley.

Boris Johnson's leadership is coming under increasing scrutiny.

I HAVE to hand it to Boris Johnson, he has a considerable talent for blaming all the nation’s many ills on others.

It is a curious twist on one of the key elements of responsible governance, or in his case, ‘my government is not responsible’.

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This was Boris Johnson preparing his keynote address to the Tory conference.

I thought it had reached a zenith of absurdity earlier this year when, in Borisland, the problems in Northern Ireland were of course clearly the fault of those pesky EU bureaucrats and not of his own making.

I should have known better. Boris is like his supposedly beloved buses, wait just a little while and a few more will come at once.

So now it is obviously the fault of the haulage companies that we are having such supply problems, and no doubt the pig farmers for telling such ‘porkys’?

It is very easy for a man with no principles, nor convictions, to constantly change his tune, blame all and sundry, but never himself.

There will be a reckoning for this reckless style of leadership. I just hope, for all our sakes, that it comes quickly.

From: Dr O Sykes, Liverpool.

THIS Brexit-Tory government is defined perhaps more than anything by its appetite for soundbites over concrete action.

Michael Gove has continued this tradition this week saying that “levelling up means four things. We want to strengthen local leadership to drive real change. We will raise living standards especially where they are lower. We will improve public services especially where they are weaker. And we will give people the resources necessary to enhance the pride they feel in the place they live”.

All fine, but why not add-in something about motherhood and apple pie too for the sake of completeness?

Basically, Mr Gove’s list is yet another empty set of promises which we have heard before.

There is no mention of actually tackling the real regional disparities which levelling-up might be expected to address if it is to mean anything at all.

By contrast, the 2010-15 coalition government at least talked of ‘rebalancing’ the economy and introduced initiatives like the Northern Powerhouse.

Meanwhile EU regions are in line for huge support – like that which Northern regions like South Yorkshire and Merseyside once enjoyed – to move forward their development.

Yet again the Brexiteers show they are all talk. Apart from increasingly hackneyed slogans, they truly have nothing to 

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