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From: William Loneskie, Lauder, Scottish Borders.

Will Boris Johnson's environmental policies guarantee energy supplies?
Will Boris Johnson's environmental policies guarantee energy supplies?

JOHN Heawood (The Yorkshire Post, September 25) claims that it is “essential” to close down coal and gas production. Has he thought through what this means?

Completely decarbonising our economy would reduce it to medieval levels. Industry cannot function without the hard-working diesel engine – from compressors to container ships.

Will Boris Johnson's environmental policies guarantee energy supplies?

We need coal to produce steel. Every wind machine requires large amounts of gearbox oil. Replacing gas and oil heating with electricity as mandated by government legislation will hugely increase fuel poverty.

It’s not just Mr Heawood who is wrong about decarbonising our economy – it’s our Prime Minister who has morphed into a spokesman for green lunacy.

The UK emits only around one per cent of the world’s man-made CO2. If we closed down Britain tomorrow, it would not make one iota of difference to the climate. Furthermore, we need CO2 for our modern consumer society, and without it vegetation and plants would die.

Will Boris Johnson's environmental policies guarantee energy supplies?

Nowhere was it mentioned in the Conservative manifesto the green policies which are being imposed upon us by a Prime Minister who is Conservative in name only.

From: Peter Brown, Shadwell, Leeds.

BECKIE Hart, Regional Director of Yorkshire and the Humber CBI, uses her Business section column to make the sensible suggestion that the Government should more closely involve industry in dealing urgently with problems at least in part created by Brexit (The Yorkshire Post, September 28).

But we don’t have a sensible Prime Minister. When warned by firms in 2018 about likely Brexit consequences – many of which have or are now happening – Boris Johnson said “f-word business”. At least, by that measure, Brexit has succeeded.

From: Jarvis Browning, Fadmoor, York.

IS it not time to reintroduce the roll on, roll off freight service that was almost scuppered by Dr Beeching by closing all the branches and minor main lines? Could this alleviate the shortages of HGV drivers and be a lot more environmentally friendly too?

From: Malcolm Parkin, Kinnesswood, Kinross.

IF drivers kept a permanently full tank of fuel, there would be no panic. Petrol should be in motor cars, not filling station storage tanks.

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