Boris Johnson’s impression of the great comedian Tony Hancock is no laughing matter in pandemic – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Malcolm Naylor, Ilkley.

MAY I suggest that Prime Minister’s Questions is renamed Hancock’s Half Hour due to the astonishing resemblance of character and delivery of Boris Johnson to the much-loved Tony Hancock?

Like Hancock, Johnson is full of bluster and has a self- righteous belief in his own opinions regardless of the facts. And he is surrounded by hangers-on exploiting him for their own nefarious agendas.

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Like Hancock, the public grudgingly love Johnson and sympathise with him mainly because of his pathetic comic delivery. But is this really an appropriate way to lead a country?

Boris Johnson's leadership continues to be called into question.

Such is the quality and illusion of our democracy when the country is being led by a buffoon. “Give them bread and circuses” has never been truer.

Truth and trust has nothing whatsoever to do with today’s politics, which is based on control by fear and legislation, unfortunately condoned and supported by the so-called opposition parties. The Labour Party has abandoned every principle it was founded on, with truth consigned to the bin.

However, not all is not lost as the opposition to the Government’s restrictions of freedom and propaganda is coming not from the opposition, but the Government’s own backbenchers.

Amongst them is my own MP, Robbie Moore, for which I am truly grateful, whatever his motives. As the great Tony Hancock would say: “That’s all right mush.”

Boris Johnson's leadership continues to be called into question.

From: Mrs J Green, Leeds.

IT was no surprise to see correspondents vent their spleen on Boris Johnson again. It is a pity that staff who work together at Number 10, sometimes well into the night, were called into question for their temerity to have a pre-Christmas party last year, while the whole country was in lockdown.

I really am not concerned about their party. I abide by the Government guidance as do most of us who wish to avoid contracting Covid 19, and I find the whole episode has been blown out of all proportion.

From: Mr PL Taylor, Milner Street, Lockwood, Huddersfield.

Boris Johnson's leadership continues to be called into question.

BORIS Johnson has a marvellous skill of avoiding any criticism of his leadership such as the party or parties at 10 Downing Street. He says “a report will shortly be published and I am not in a position to comment until the date of publication”. This obviously gives him time to dig up another reason for not being responsible for the farces.

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