Bradford is a great city that deserves the spotlight - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Elaine McDonald, Gatenby, Northallerton.

I don’t manage to get the paper every weekend but when I do I really enjoy reading Christa Ackroyd's column. In regards to your column on Bradford (The Yorkshire Post Magazine, July 8) I love her passion for her home city and I can completely understand it.

We have been going to Bradford for numerous years now. My husband started going, probably 30 years ago to watch the Bradford Bulls who he followed for many years.

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We got together over 20 years ago and he started taking me. Probably like many people I was a bit dubious about what to expect but from the first time I went I absolutely loved it.

A view of the Bradford skyline in the morning. PIC: James Hardisty.A view of the Bradford skyline in the morning. PIC: James Hardisty.
A view of the Bradford skyline in the morning. PIC: James Hardisty.

We often make the almost 100 mile round trip (we live in North Yorkshire) to have a curry in one of our favourite curry houses and to soak up the atmosphere of a bustling city.

We have, through starting small, come to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the City. We love the buildings, including the Town Hall and all the old buildings around the City.

We also love a visit to Undercliffe Cemetery which has an amazing history and offers lots of insights in the past and the richness of the City.

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Saltaire and Saltaire Mill is another of our regular favourite haunts. A wander through Lister Park is always good too. The fashion houses are amazing and so different. We just love driving along through the streets to see what is there.

We have found the people of Bradford to be warm and welcoming and always full of advice – everyone is always keen to give advice on the best places to eat and nicest places to go. My husband loves Sam Smiths pubs and we have found a welcome in every one we have been to in the City. Although these aren’t to everyone’s taste.

Like all places there are areas which aren’t so good but everywhere has these.

Perhaps the Magazine could run a regular feature on Bradford to encourage more visitors just like Halifax and the Piece Hall. Bradford has so much to offer.