Brexiteer ‘lies’ to blame for EU rift over Northern Ireland – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Peter Brown, Shadwell, Leeds.

Wil Brexit be a success - or not - for Yorkshire and Britain?

DON’T worry, Paul Morley (‘EU is a bully on its backfoot’, The Yorkshire Post, July 27). Britain won’t need to “beg” to rejoin the European Union. We’re welcome back any time, it says.

Your columnist Bill Carmichael likes to call those of us who want Britain to rejoin “cry-babies”. That would be more appropriately applied to those who now recognise that post-Brexit Britain isn’t going to be the Union Flag-themed “all upsides, no downsides” fantasy land promised to them by Boris Johnson and his cronies.

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They then go on to complain that it’s the EU’s fault their unicorns aren’t being delivered.

Boris Johnson is under growing pressure over Brexit.

Just crying about it won’t help. The anger is better directed at those British politicians who lied – and continue doing so – about Brexit benefits we’ll never see and the damage to our country already real and, to many true patriots, painful to see.

And then seek to replace those politicians with more positive and outward-looking ones who recognise this and offer to start the repairs – not make things worse.

From: Martin Hemingway, Foxhill Court, Leeds

PAUL Morley suggests that the trade conditions required of Britain in exporting to the EU and Northern Ireland represent bullying by the EU.

The trade regulations, to which he refers, were in place before we left the EU, the British government agreed to them, and in some cases proposed them.

We were not thrown out of the EU by a big bully, we chose to leave, and in leaving accepted that the conditions of trade for non-members would apply to the UK.

This was explained quite clearly before the referendum, and repeated during the negotiations.

As a supporter of leaving, Mr Morley must have carefully considered these issues before voting.

The EU is just doing what it is required to do to protect its members – we are not members.

From: M.J. Thompson, Cantley, Doncaster.

WITH regard to alleged refugees crossing the Channel in dinghies, anyone fleeing a country because of war, threat of torture or famine must claim asylum in the first country of safe haven.

To travel through several countries that can give them this safety and not apply for asylum they then become economic migrants.

The people crossing the channel in small boats do not qualify as refugees.

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