Bring back grammar schools to level up the country - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Peter Neal, Oxford Court, Cleethorpes.

The Government has an ideal opportunity to reiterate its intention to uphold its pledge to support the levelling up agenda.

With a healthy Commons majority, it is high time that the divisive legislation passed by Tony Blair banning the creation of any new grammar schools was abolished and rightly consigned to the scrapheap.

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Tony Blair and wife Cherie during the 1997 election. Picture: GERRY PENNY/AFP via Getty Images.

There are increasingly growing calls from red wall MPs to bring back grammar schools to fervently support the levelling up agenda as they are significant in helping with social mobility while deservedly offering pupils the widest possible breadth of options.

Fundamentally, it is essential for people to have that choice as part of a free education.

Currently, half of the UK’s 163 grammar schools are in London and the South East, so none in the North East leaves the levelling up agenda as the best vehicle in which to remedy this unacceptable deficiency.