Conservative Party must use summer recess wisely to test potential future Prime Ministers - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Sacha Gosling.

My advice to the Conservative Parliamentary Party is to use summer recess time wisely, as a means to really test leadership candidates, not just in hustings, but in front of media and more widely, we the British people.

In this way, the candidates will have been market tested in front of journalists and the public, with the eventual winner not just a winner with the parliamentary part or with Conservative membership but also with the public, who will, at General Election, decide who they wish to be the next Prime Minister.

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Rishi Sunak announces bid to be next Prime Minister and Conservative leader
Who will replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister? Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

That includes supply shortages, the energy crisis, Ukraine and Russia, moving on from Brexit as an independent country making our own confident way in a global economy and looking at the Midlands, North and Southern England.

From: Coun Nigel Boddy, Lib Dem, Darlington.

In the dash to replace Johnson with a new Tory leader had anyone thought of Douglas Ross?

Younger than Starmer and with leadership experience heading up the Tories at Holyrood, Ross is a distinct possibility when you think about it.

He is the same age as Prince William.

Ross defied all expectations by retaining every Tory seat Ruth Davidson had won as Tory leader in the Holyrood Parliament. Everyone predicted Ross would be beaten.

Labour lost two MSPs and the Lib Dems one MSP in the latest Holyrood election.

Ross is an MP, and an MSP. He can speak in both parliaments.

Is it time to pass the baton to a new generation?

From: Eddie Peart, Broom Chase, Broom Crescent, Rotherham.

Give Boris one more chance. He is doing a good job for Labour.