Council did communicate

From: John Craven, Green Road, Baildon.

I MUST take Coun Miller, leader of Bradford Conservative Group, to task for his attack on the council’s arrangements for refuse collection over the festive period (Yorkshire Post, January 7).

We were issued with a bin tag setting out what alternatives had been put in place to deal with the Bank Holidays. Our bins were due for collection on Boxing Day and were promptly emptied on the Saturday following as indicated.

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It would appear plans were in place for all areas of Bradford affected by the holidays. While the council doesn’t always get it right I feel it is unfair to criticise across the board.

Raise driving age

From: Jack Duckworth, Rossett Holt View, Harrogate.

THERE has been much talk recently about the high costs of car insurance for younger drivers. While I sympathise with the youngsters, the fault is down to the few irresponsible ones who drive to show off their speeding skills to younger passengers and sometimes end up with fatal results. Could I suggest therefore that the driving age be increased to 21 and then there should be a three-year accident-free probationary period before full competence is acknowledged? A green “P” could be displayed to indicate this.

Political deceit

From: GA Robinson, Hull.

WE are told by politicians of all parties that we live in a democracy. We are made to feel privileged to do so. Our brave armed forces are sent by the same politicians to defend our democracy and help create deocracies around the world.

This is actually a political deception because once elected the same politicians do their 
own thing regardless of public opinion. Their eyes and ears are closed to sensible reasoned argument. How can we be in a democracy when the House of Lords is still unelected? Who elects the European Commissioners?