Councils need to cut back vegetation around road signs - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Dave Ellis, Magdalen Lane, Hedon.

Why do councils spend thousands of pounds on road signs and not cut back vegetation?

I am amazed about the abundance of permanent road signage around Beverley, especially on rural roads, in East Yorkshire.

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Many of the driver advisory road signs about speed limits and locating local attractions are fixed to lamp posts and individual posts which are often in line with farmers boundary hedges.

Abandoned signs at the side of the road.Abandoned signs at the side of the road.
Abandoned signs at the side of the road.

A good example is along the A164 between Hessle and Beverley.

Councils often pay farmers to cut the hedges after the bird nesting season.

Farmers use tractor mounted flail implements which grind up the vegetation but they never cut the plants up to the lamp post, which means these advisory road signs are not seen until a driver is in line with the signs.

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What is the point of East Riding of Yorkshire Council spending tens of thousands of pounds each year manufacturing signs when they are rarely seen by motorists?

Are farmers, who are contractors to East Riding of Yorkshire Council to cut roadside hedges, paid to cut the hedges to the lamp post to maintain the visibility of road signs?

I just wish that the job was done properly by cutting this small section of vegetation to the lamp post with a pair of long handled loppers as it would be safer to drive along this stretch of road into Beverley.