Crime panel must order Philip Allott to quit over Sarah Everard remarks – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Coun Philip Wicks, Richmondshire District Council, and Chair, Richmond (Yorks) Liberal Democrats.

Philip Allott is North Yorkshire's Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.

CONGRATULATIONS on your leader ‘Police chief has lost trust of all’ (The Yorkshire Post, October 4).

Regrettably there are no “recall” powers whereby the public can force a by-election. It is now the role of North Yorkshire’s crime panel to persuade Philip Allott to resign.

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The aftermath of Sarah Everard's murder by police officer Wayne Couzens continues to shock the nation.

The chair of the crime panel, Carl Les, the Conservative leader of North Yorkshire County Council, has said that Mr Allott will have to “explain himself”.

There is nothing to explain, and instead of giving him the opportunity to learn on the job, the panel must listen to the overwhelming complaints against the Commissioner and enforce his resignation.

People leave floral tributes at the band stand in Clapham Common, London, close to where Sarah Everard was abducted.

Any other outcome is unacceptable.

From: Judy and David Goff, Leyburn, North Yorkshire.

PHILIP Allott must resign immediately. Home Office guidance to holders of this office includes the following principle: “Prevent violence against women and girls from happening in the first place, by challenging the attitudes and behaviours which foster it.” By failing to uphold this principle, Mr Allott has brought his position into disrepute. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Sarah Everard.

From: Paul Morley, Long Preston, Skipton.

EVERYTHING that is coming out about various unsuitable police officers at the moment is deeply upsetting and obviously very embarrassing to the many decent serving officers and retired officers like myself.

The vetting and selection process needs a complete overhaul and by people whose sole interest is the police service and safety of the public, and not their own rapid progress through the ranks and their ratings on the ‘wokeometer’.

However the police can only recruit from the society it polices and a cursory glance at the media of today shows that much of our society leaves a lot to be desired.

From: Steve Howley, North Yorkshire Fire Brigades Union Brigade Secretary.

THE criticism and concern is not in regard to rank-and-file police officers but in relation to the comments made by Philip 

Given the laws that surround the election of Police, Fire and Crime Commissioners and MPs, Mr Allott’s future is largely in his own hands.

Fire Brigades Union members universally condemn Mr Allott’s comments and perspectives on this tragedy, and I can assure the public it is not reflective of the views of North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and the membership of North Yorkshire Fire Brigades Union.

From: Mrs Susan Galloway, Stirrup Close, York.

ON September 18, 2021, Philip Allott is reported as saying that he has made addressing the issue of violence against women and girls one of his priorities.

Barely two weeks later Mr Allott makes surprising and offensive comments about the Sarah Everard case.

Given his background in public relations, one might have expected a more considered response. I think we are entitled to call into question his suitability for the role and demand his resignation.

From: Edward Grainger, Botany Way, Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough.

THE outrage felt by the nation over the appalling death of Sarah Everard at the hands of Wayne Couzens is entirely justified.

The problems of safety and security on Britain’s streets for girls and women must now urgently be addressed before yet more generations feel disadvantaged by a male-dominated culture that has not changed.

On many occasions, I have felt threatened in all-male company where the ill-judged comments, often aimed at females, is considered appropriate for males too. Re-educating males in our society seems the only way forward – or more tragedies like the murder and rape of Sarah Everard will occur again and again.

From: S Chipping, Maple Close, Catterick Garrison.

I AM appalled by the comments made by Philip Allott. He appears to think it is sufficient to delete his tweet and apologise for his comments, apparently missing the point that he felt comfortable to make them in the first place! His actions have removed the last sliver of any confidence I had left in North Yorkshire Police.

From: Mr P. L. Taylor, Milner Street, Lockwood, Huddersfield.

THE criminal justice system seems to be “not fit for purpose”. The recent appalling murder by a police officer of Sarah Everard, and other dreadful criminal acts recently, suggests the expression “soft on crime” is now valid.

From: James Buick, Northallerton.

IF Carl Les doesn’t persuade Philip Allott to resign, then the North Yorkshire County Council leader isn’t fit to

become the area’s first mayor if he chooses to stand for the role in due course.

From: William Murphy, Scarborough.

WHEN MPs fall foul of the standards expected of them, ‘recall’ powers mean that voters can force a by-election. Why are crime commissioners exempt from this? One thing is certain – the public will not have forgotten this if Philip Allott chooses to seek re-election in four years.

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