Dare we hope for recharged Britain after Boris Johnson resignation? - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: ME Wright, Harrogate

I HAVE just been informed that Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid have jumped ship (and later Boris Johnson).

Excellent news, though shamefully delayed and it does not diminish the relevance of Andrew Vine’s ‘Smell of something rotten in gutter politics’ (The Yorkshire Post, July 5).

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Tories call on Boris Johnson to step aside and have caretaker Prime Minister tak...
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How many of the post-Brexit Downing Street cabal voted Boris Johnson in as leader of the Conservative party?

If they claim not to have known what they were letting us in for, they should have; so many of us did.

His old housemaster at Eton made it clear that Johnson regarded himself as being above the rules by which most of us abide.

Despite being twice divorced, he managed to con the Catholic church into marrying him to number three in Westminster Cathedral.

But wasn’t his biggest con that of the ‘red wall’ seats in the 2019 election?

It is utterly sickening to witness him flaunting himself as a world statesman, thanks to Vladimir Putin and the terrible sufferings of Ukraine.

So who and what now?

If birds of a feather really do flock together, dare we anticipate a grossly overdue recharging of the Conservative party’s reputation or not?

Of vastly greater importance, dare we hope for conduct which recharges Britain’s post-Brexit reputation abroad?