Dog licences would curb irresponsible owners - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Phillip Donnelly, Kirkburton, Huddersfield.

Excellent article from GP Taylor (29/07/22). Yes, a dog-licence scheme is the best answer to the growing problems of dog ownership.

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Dog owners should have licences like drivers to cut out mess and misbehaviour - ...

Powerful pet food manufacturers and others continue to promote dog ownership as similar to buying a fluffy, amusing toy, when dogs are highly intelligent and sensitive and need careful training, as well as protection from abuse.

Dogs out on a walk. Picture: AdobeStock.

There needs to be effective curbs on irresponsible dog owners for the dog’s sake as well as the general public and a licensing scheme would help here and also provide substantial funds for local authorities to establish dedicated dog parks and recruit sufficient dog wardens.

Thoughtless “dog exercising” (especially off-lead) can cause enormous damage to ground-nesting birds and other wildlife, as well as annoyance and distress for local people.