Don’t let BT put lives at risk over ‘lunatic’ removal of telephone landlines – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Paul Morley, Long Preston, Skipton.

BT is insisting on removing landlines only to replace them with a system which is far less reliable, especially at a time when weather conditions are becoming more extreme and power outages more prevalent (The Yorkshire Post, March 15).

So when people are in urgent need of emergency service help they will be unlikely to be able to contact them. This would seem to come straight from the smart motorway handbook.

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When people are at their most vulnerable, the authorities that should be doing everything to make them safe are worsening the situation. Let’s hope that when somebody dies (and they will) because, due to BT, the emergency services could not be contacted, corporate manslaughter charges will swiftly follow.

BT is facing criticism over the decision to take landlines out of service.

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

MY elderly father lives in a 
well-populated area less than a mile from the M1.

The mobile phone signal is intermittent at best, so he is dependent on his telephone landline.

What is he supposed to do when the landlines are taken out of service?

BT's decision to take landlines out of service is as short-sighted as smart motorways, says one reader.

Ministers need to stop this lunacy before lives are put at risk.

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