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From: Jim Buckley, Ackton, Pontefract.

Boris Johnson's handling of Covid continues to be called into question.

THANK your for supporting the calls for a public inquiry into the Covid virus. But why wait for the Government to do it? You know they will set the terms of reference in such a way as to prevent scrutiny of some aspects.

You know they will choose someone to chair the inquiry who is unlikely to be robust. You know it will get bogged down in legal argument as people try to wriggle out of the limelight.

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But worst of all, you know the Government will not take much notice of it. So ask the public to put in their submissions. See if you can get local universities to form a steering group. Ask for volunteers to collate the submissions – there are plenty of people on furlough.

The vaccine programme continues to prompt much debate.

My concern is not about picking at detail of what was done, but that so-called control was in the hands of politicians – who are almost guaranteed to make a hash of anything.

Control of this needs to be in the hands of others. Who? This is the real question. Politicians should stick to their real job – being watchdogs. But they have abandoned their role so the public need to be our own watchdogs.

Let us get barking.

From: Colin Richardson, Brandesburton.

Boris Johnson at Prime Minister's Questions.

THERE have been numerous calls for an inquiry into Government handling of the pandemic, The Yorkshire Post among them.

After reading the article from Sir Ed Davey (The Yorkshire Post, February 9), I feel it is clear any inquiry should only take place once this pandemic is under control.

An inquiry now would result in a witch-hunt and blame game. Any inquiry must determine where we went wrong and what lessons can be learnt/learned (thanks Christa Ackroyd) to ensure we are better prepared.

From: Hilary Mennell, Harrogate.

MY husband went for his Covid vaccination at the showground. He came home so very impressed. He said the staff, many of whom were volunteers, were amazing.

Everything ran like clockwork. It was very well organised and prompt, no waiting around at all.

We would like to say very well done and a huge thank you to everyone involved.

From: Henry Cobden, Ilkley.

WE must not get too jingoistic over vaccines. More than 100,000 lives have been lost to Covid to get to this point.

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