Don't patronise Bradford over the UK City of Culture bid - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Steve Wilson, Lenton Villas, Bradford.


Having begun my working life in the 1980s for a main bank, I had many a conversation with colleagues passionately speaking up for my home town of Bradford.

Even then, our exterior image was poor, a bit of a joke really.

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However, I enjoyed the 1980s when our city had a buzz, a bit of a strut and a fantastic nightlife.

Since then we have seen a continual exodus of businesses and people, sliding annually down the pan; so I find your editorial (The Yorkshire Post, March 10) urging us to get behind this dopey City of Culture bid somewhat patronising.

We have far more problems in Bradford – that nobody in authority will dare confront – than can be cured by a smattering of glitter dust and a bunch of luvvies hoping to turn us into a upscale, multi-cultural version of Hebden Bridge.

The city continually fails to attract external investment be this from either private or public sectors; our council are viewed with derision.

So please don’t try to convince your readers that all we need are a few new art galleries.

That really is patting us on the head.