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From: Dick Lindley, Altofts, Normanton.

Should fracking be resumed to help solve the energy crisis?

IT is amazing that the ruinously high cost of energy for our people and our factories has been allowed to reach such an economically destructive level.

Many poorer people in our community are going to find it impossible to pay their heating and cooking bills this winter and many factories will find their competitiveness in the world’s markets damaged by the high cost of energy.

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All of this in itself is an absolute tragedy for our nation, but it is particularly ironic when we have beneath our feet 39 trillion cubic metres of gas waiting to be extracted by fracking. Enough gas to last the UK for 100 years at our present rate of usage!

Anti-fracking protesters at Kirby Misperton in 2018. Photo: James Hardisty.

Imagine that – our own safe, secure and endless supply of gas, free from the risk of foreign suppliers like the Russians, who are now supplying much of the EU’s energy needs via their gas pipe line. One can imagine what will happen when we inevitably fall out with the Russians, they will simply turn the tap off.

And if the wind isn’t turning our turbines, or the sun isn’t shining on our solar panels, we will be back in the Stone Age again.

I realise that the hysterical eco warriors and their fellow travellers in the Green movements are forecasting doom and gloom if we don’t change our ways. But are they personally prepared to pick up the huge increase in the cost of energy on behalf of the rest of us, if we succumbed to their demands? I doubt it.

Unfortunately they have done such a brilliant job in disseminating their propaganda that even sensible politicians like Boris Johnson are now singing from the same nonsensical hymn sheet and are implementing policies which will eventually ruin this country. Brr, I am feeling a cold draught coming down the road. Let’s get fracking.

Fracking continues to divide political and public opinion.

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