Greener planes will justify Leeds Bradford Airport revamp – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Tom Leeming, Haworth.

Leeds Bradford Airport's future continues to prompt much debate and discussion.

THERE has been a lot of discussion recently regarding the future expansion of Leeds Bradford Airport with many protesters outlining the negative effects on the environment by increasing the number of flights and extending the hours of operation.

I certainly agree with those reasons but, like it or not, air travel will increase year by year for the foreseeable future, as will the number of flights to satisfy that increase.

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I submit that it is not the increased demand for air travel that will have the negative influence on the environment, but the discharge of CO2 gasses from the increased number of flights required.

Does Leeds Bradford Airport deserve to be Yorkshire's main airport?

To reduce the negative effects of CO2 emissions, it will be necessary to develop aircraft propulsion systems which produce less, or even no, emissions which can harm the environment. Such propulsion systems are at present being developed and will be available at a future date.

From: Kelly Freeth, Flexi Reps, Leeds.

WITH regards to Leeds Bradford Airport’s new terminal planning application, I am fully supportive of the plans. Connectivity not only internally but overseas is hugely important to the region economically.

Now more than ever we need inbound and outbound tourism. I run a temping agency and 
have seen a massive increase of people desperately searching for roles.

Boris Johnson (L) and Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak (C), stand on board a boat on the River Tees on March 4, 2021 in Teesport, England. Teesport has been chosen as one of eight sites for new Freeports .

We need to attract business travellers as well to ensure our local businesses can thrive and survive.

Leeds needs an airport to be functional to provide the region with the best access. The current infrastructure will not serve the region well in its current state.

I am also the director of Versatile Travel and have been in the travel industry for 23 years based in Leeds. It has been a constant complaint of my customers that they have an airport so close but find it difficult to access or the facilities are not industry leading.

From: George Walker, Sheffield.

AN interesting and revealing article by Sir Steve Houghton (The Yorkshire Post, March 3) which showed the disturbing differences between funding for Yorkshire and the south of England.

I do believe we should be highlighting these differences for the benefit of the Yorkshire public, who would be shocked, and the establishment in London, who should be embarrassed.

I feel The Yorkshire Post 
should continue to publish figures which show the discrepancies in funding in specific areas – for example transport, health, education and local government funding per capita.

Unless we make these figures public, it will always be possible for the officials in Whitehall to deny the evidence.

From: Roger Backhouse, Orchard Road, Upper Poppleton, York.

AS a Conservative MP, Nick Fletcher is bound to support the Budget, and there’s much in it to help business (The Yorkshire Post, March 8).

Yet plans sound familiar. Raising corporation tax, encouraging investment though higher allowances and setting up a National Infrastructure Bank outside the capital have been heard before. Yes, they were put forward by Ed Miliband during his time as leader of the Labour party.

As I recall Conservatives laughed at them at the time, 
with Mr Miliband derided as “Red Ed”, but here we have Rishi Sunak putting them forward as his own.

As for freeports, not a new idea either. We had them in the UK until 2012, and there wasn’t much impact. Don’t hold your breath this time either. Funny business, politics.

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