Hambleton council chief bonuses are exorbitant amid overspends - Yorkshire Post Letters

Dave Ellis, Magdalen Lane, Hedon.

It is interesting to read two articles in The Yorkshire Post on April 6 regarding the exorbitant finances at Hamilton District Council.

It seems incredible that the Chief Executive Officer, Dr Justin Ives, and four senior officers get nearly £90,000 in performance bonuses and yet the overspend on phases one and two of Northallerton town square are getting larger.

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And surely senior management should have picked up on the fact that there were problems when they had their monthly meetings to monitor financial management on such large highways projects?


I appreciate that there are hidden Victorian drains in old market towns, but find it hard to believe that, there were no paper records of the underground toilets, but over £700,000 of additional funding to rectify the problem seems to be a lot of money!

Are the Council Tax payers getting value for money from the current management team in Hamilton District Council?

The Council Leader, Mark Robson, reckons that he has the best team in the county, which could lead the new local authority, North Yorkshire Council, if they get a grip on the finances?