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From: Robert Holland, Skipton Road, Cononley.

An artist's impression of the proposed tidal power scheme at Swansea Bay that was then blocked by the Government.

THE UK is plainly unable to control our energy prices, because we need to import so much – from Russia, for example.

It was a strategic mistake by the UK government when the project to build the Swansea Tidal Energy project was abandoned. It was said to be “too expensive”.

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There are three obvious reasons why this was a shocking error. This kind of energy is reliable, creates no carbonand the price would be controlled by the UK government.

Could rivers like the Humber be used to generate tidal power?

Will the Tories now recognise that current instability in world energy prices may easily recur in future? If this Government would commit now to building the project, this would boost the credibility of the UK before the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference in November.

From: Clark Cross, Springfield Road, Linlithgow.

THE Commons Scottish affairs committee has demanded that transmission charges and grid investment be equally shared across the UK.

They want English and Welsh electricity consumers to subsidise the owners of the 8,366 wind turbines in Scotland, plus others, that are in planning or being built. The transmission charges were known to developers when they decided to build their wind turbines.

The owners of wind turbines in Scotland have been paid nearly £1bn of constraint payments since 2010 to switch off their turbines when their electricity was not needed. This cost was spread over all UK consumers.

Why should the English and Welsh pay for Scottish turbine transmission costs and constraint payments to boost the profits of the greedy turbine owners in Scotland?

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

WHILST it is right and proper that we, as a country, make every effort to reduce our carbon emissions, I am afraid it will make little difference to the whole scheme of things whilst China and similar countries continue to burn coal at their present rate. No matter what efforts we make to influence them they will take little notice, believing themselves far superior to the rest of the world.

From: James Buick, Northallerton.

PART of Windsor Castle is powered by a weir at Romney Lock on the non-tidal River Thames. Why can’t the power of tidal rivers like the Humber be used to tackle the energy crisis?

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