Highway Code’s common sense goes ignored

From: Paul Emsley, Newton Way, Hellifield, Nr Settle.

DO people not read the Highway Code anymore? Or do they just burn their copies as soon as they pass their driving test?

Whether it is pedestrians not facing traffic when they’re walking on the public highway, cyclists using the pavement or riding in pairs on the public highway or car drivers not bothering to use their indicators, there seems to be an inordinate number of people using the public highways today who seem to be totally oblivious to anybody else outside of their own little environment.

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I don’t believe a £60 or £100 fine is the answer because it can only be on police evidence and “there lies the rub”.

What people will take notice of is their loss of liberty to carry on doing what they were doing, without care and attention.

If the risk to all of the above was instant loss of their freedom to walk, cycle or drive, they 
might just decide to become members of the human race again and to be aware of 
what effect their lack of 
common sense might have on others.

The Highway Code is a book of common sense.

Common sense developed and recorded over many years to try and keep all public highway users safe.

It needs to be upheld.