Hull a deserved Tree City of the World - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Dave Ellis, Magdalen Lane, Hedon.

Those who have looked at the areas of newly planted trees in Hull will endorse that Hull is committed to tree planting and it is justified that the authority is recognised as one of the 138 Tree Cities of the world for planting, and more, importantly maintaining its urban forest.

It is impressive that Hull City Council planted over 7,750 trees and maintained them by watering and formative pruning.

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A visit by the Yorkshire ‘branch’ of Royal Forestry Society highlights how the Arboricultural team in Hull works with residents living in the tree-lined Hulavenues, with a mixture of trees planted in grass verges.

Queens Gardens in Hull. Picture: Gary Longbottom.

As these trees mature the roots will go further afield into residents’ gardens walls and will often make garden walls unstable.

But instead of felling the street trees, Hull works with residents by pruning the roots and branches of trees rather than fell them, as was the case in the city of Sheffield!

It is shown that Hull is truly committed to increasing its urban tree population and an award like this will enthuse both officers, volunteers and elected members to commit to planting more trees.

Campaigners need not worry about how Hull’s tree officers are managing trees in this great City of Culture.