I like Keir Starmer but I doubt if he can resolve Brexit problems - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Mrs J Green, Leeds.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer in Sheffield. Picture: Chris Etchells.
Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer in Sheffield. Picture: Chris Etchells.

FURTHER to the letter from Peter Brown (The Yorkshire Post, April 21) I have to admit that I quite like Sir Keir Starmer – he looks like a grown up, and he was “unmuted” when he announced that we have left the EU and there is no case for rejoining.

He admitted that the Brexit deal was flawed, but he also said that he wanted to make Brexit a success, which is a different slant to the views given by those who still wish to be strangled by the EU (a fairly good election ploy for the Red Wall people of Hartlepool).

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It was, and still is, reasonable political judgement to step back before making a full assessment on the impact of Brexit. It is a

no-brainer considering that Covid and the necessary restrictions have affected our lives and our economic growth in trade, jobs, business etc. worldwide, and the EU has yet to ratify the trade agreement. We are still not free of either.

There are many problems that have to be resolved, not least the Irish Protocol. But, even unmuted, I doubt Sir Keir Starmer is the man able enough to do the job of “repairing any damage”.

His popularity has tanked, almost to the level of his predecessor who promised unicorns but didn’t do much either. He wouldn’t know where to start.

Boris Johnson was not the cause of all the problems, he managed to break the Brexit deadlock caused by inept hypocrites, those self-serving MPs who were about to lose their place on the gravy train.

While Boris tried to find the solution to achieve Brexit, the liberal left are still there waiting in the wings, always ready to cause more setbacks.

From: Terry Palmer, South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley.

IF the local polling in the Hartlepool by-election is true, then the Tories will win the seat comfortably, this after being a Labour stronghold for around 100 years.

Why is this happening? Look no further than Sir Keir Starmer, his front bench and his Shadow Cabinet. Every man and woman a Brexit denier or as we call them ‘remainers’.

Why would the people of Hartlepool trust any one of them with their proven track record of totally ignoring Labour voters’ constituency views, and more importantly the country’s view on Brexit, but why trust them on anything else?

Time now for Starmer and his team to truly listen to their core voters, or end up as a totally spent political organisation like the Lib Dems.