January 23: Seal population explosion will hit fish stocks

Your letters to The Yorkshire Post.

From: Chris Ramus, Duchy Road, Harrogate.

I HAVE just seen the article “Beach gets seal of approval” 
(The Yorkshire Post, January 19).

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While many will interpret 
this massive increase in seal numbers as a success, I urge 
you to consider that there 
has been a massive decline in wild salmon stocks in recent years.

The seal population has exploded out of all proportion not just round the British Isles, but worldwide.

It is a well known fact that seals eat wild salmon and other fish in large amounts.

Seals have been seen up to 70 miles inland as they pursue not only salmon but other fresh fish stocks.

I have heard of seals as far inland as Masham on the river Ure.

If the population has increased from 25 pups being born on this beach in North Norfolk 14 years ago to 2,426 this year, then at what point will wild life conservationists become worried about the ongoing effect on other species?

The decline in wild salmon stocks isn’t just down to the increase in seal numbers, but the massive increased numbers around our shores have had 
an effect and could be responsible for the wild Atlantic salmon’s total elimination within a decade.