Jeremy Corbyn is the Labour leader to rebuild our social fabric after general election – Yorkshire Post Letters

Will Jeremy Corbyn make a good Prime Minister?
Will Jeremy Corbyn make a good Prime Minister?
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From: Maura Wilson, Adelaide Street, Hebden Bridge.

THANK goodness we now have an opportunity to get rid of this cruel Government under which we have seen child poverty, homelessness and austerity rising for nearly 10 years.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on the campaign trail.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on the campaign trail.

‘Marxist dictator’ Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour inner circle are unfit to govern – Yorkshire Post Letters

We must ensure our NHS is not sold off, when we have seen privatisation cherry picking the most profitable parts, and ensure US prices for our essential medications. Schools are decaying and pupils are being shortchanged, many not receiving five full days of education.

I’m backing Jeremy Corbyn and Labour to replace Boris Johnson’s rudderless and clapped-out government – Rachel Reeves

Many of these children live in working families forced to use food banks. What has happened to our country? We need a Labour government to – yet again – rebuild the country’s social fabric.

Will Boris Johnson's election gamble pay off?

Will Boris Johnson's election gamble pay off?

NHS staff needs and future of community hospitals like Friarage must be tackled in election – The Yorkshire Post says

From: John Riseley, Harcourt Drive, Harrogate.

IT is a matter of regret for us to have even one general election, let alone two, between Parliament voting overwhelmingly to put the EU question to a referendum and the result being implemented.

If Boris Johnson loses, then history will question whether it was necessary, but his opponents have made abundantly clear their intention to make Brexit undeliverable without it.

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, chides Boris Johnson as being binary and divisive in his approach. But there is actually a binary issue here. Some express it as a question of respecting the referendum result, but it would be unrealistic to ask that of the conceited, contemptuous and condescending people who demand to have their way regardless of having lost. Acceptance of the result would be sufficient, but this they have withheld.

From: Terry Morrell, Willerby.

UNTIL Brexit is done, there is little point in thinking of myriad items related to our future progress (Jayne Dowle, The Yorkshire Post, October 31). Voters must think carefully where they place their X on the voting slip. We can’t afford another hung parliament.

From: Robert Holland, Skipton Road, Cononley, Keighley.

BORIS Johnson had a vote in principle to “get Brexit done”, but refused to allow a few extra days for MPs’ scrutiny and exit in November. What details of his plan did he want to hide?

From: Harry Buick, Otley.

NOTE to Boris Johnson and Grant Shapps – every late or cancelled Northern during the election will be another handful of votes going to Labour because of your party’s inability to run the railways.