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From: Ian Hobson, Guiseley.

What is your experience of flying in the wake of the Covid pandemic?
What is your experience of flying in the wake of the Covid pandemic?

A YEAR ago, when Jet2 still had a good reputation, we rebooked our cancelled October 2020 flights for October 2021.

Now, having visited Jet2’s online Covid hub, and also the relevant pages, we see that we will need a pre-flight Covid test, which can be PCR test or an antigen test that meets the standards set out in the EU common list of Rapid Antigen Tests.

The problem with a PCR test is that, having had the test up to 72 hours before take-off, you then have to wait up to 24 hours for a result which – having seen the Panorama documentary about sloppy test facility practices, and online reviews about late, or incorrect, test results – would surely be a very stressful 24 (or more) hours.

Poor customer service at Leeds Bradford Airport remains a recurring issue.

Therefore, the antigen test, with results promised within an hour, looked to be the best bet. Though, to be on the safe side, I emailed the test company (NPH) who do the tests at Leeds Bradford Airport, to ask about compliance with the EU standard.

Unfortunately, all they would tell me was that I would have to ask the airline if it was acceptable. Will Jet2 know the answer to such a question, or even bother to reply before our flight date?

Well, I’ll ask, but I guess not – especially now that Jet2’s Customer Services department is being regularly hammered in online review pages, with complaints about unanswered phones and emails (not to mention complaints about flight times altered at short notice and flight durations increased as their aircraft stop at other airports to pick up, or drop off, other passengers).

We could, of course, just assume that the antigen test will be okay, and wait to find out at the check-in desk. And, with luck, our flight time won’t be changed, or the duration extended, and the Government won’t do a U-turn on the rules, and we won’t catch Covid.

But suddenly, our Plan B, a week in a cottage in the Lake District, looks a lot more attractive – and a lot less stressful, which is what a holiday is supposed to be.

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