Joe Biden is no friend to the UK - unlike Donald Trump: Yorkshire Post Letters

From: William Rees, Boroughbridge.

I was taken aback to read your editorial (The Yorkshire Post, June 10) praising American President Joe Biden for his “quiet dignity”, while contrasting his manner with that of Donald Trump.

You emphasise positively the symbolism of the president’s visit, while overlooking the fact that it’s what he says and does, rather than his manner, that is important to the United Kingdom.

As you were writing those words, the president issued a demarche – or diplomatic rebuke – to the UK government to complain about its approach to the Northern Ireland protocol. Biden’s brand of Irish nationalism apparently gives him the right to interfere in our affairs.

US President Joe Biden attends the meeting at the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) during a NATO summit in Brussels, on June 14. Picture: Getty

His reckless economic policy, spending trillions of dollars in an unprecedented stimulus package, is likely to see the evil of inflation rearing its head again, both in America and in the UK, which in the end will do most damage to ordinary working people.

Donald Trump was neither politically correct nor a president noted for his diplomacy. He said what he thought, but he was a reliable friend to Britain and he had solid economic achievements to celebrate, including an unprecedented low unemployment rate among black Americans.

I’m afraid that president Biden’s “quiet dignity” will count for nothing for the people who will be on the receiving end of his policies.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

THE G7 summit cost thousands of pounds in security and hosting the delegates. The big question is just what will we, as a country, gain from being the host of such a prestigious meeting.

As far as I can see, we shall gain little or nothing from the affair and I would wager that we shall be the losers overall.

We are derided by France but diplomacy states we should welcome Emmanuel Macron with open arms. The whole shebang wasn’t worth the bother.

From: Geoffrey Brooking, Havant, Hampshire.

WELL done Boris Johnson for announcing that the UK will donate 100 million vaccine doses in a new global drive.

This is exactly what is needed at a time of global uncertainty and with Covid continuing to kill innocent people.

After a week that has included negative headlines because of the similarly negative move to cut overseas aid, this is most welcome. Now Boris should take a lead and scrap these aid cuts.

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