Joe Biden will leave poor worse off after Donald Trump raised pay – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: William Rees, Boroughbridge.

President Joe Biden during his visit to Britain and Europe earlier this month.

JAMES Buick, of Northallerton, (The Yorkshire Post, June 19) said he “struggled to understand” the pro-Donald Trump stance in my letter you published on June 15.

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He also claimed that I had taken “personal offence” at your acknowledging the “quiet dignity” of President Biden.

President Joe Biden during his visit to Britain and Europe earlier this month.

Perhaps I can explain a little more why I would have preferred Trump over Biden.

Looking just at economic policy, in the first three years of the Trump administration there was a remarkable decline in wage, income and wealth inequality in the USA, reversing what happened in the preceding eight years, when all these measures had widened.

During those first three years, before Covid, real wage growth for the bottom 10 per cent of the population, at 9.8 per cent, was more than double the real wage growth of the top ten per cent, which was 4.8 per cent.

In the same period, real wealth for the bottom 50 per cent of the population rose 28.4 per cent, while that of the top one per cent rose 8.9 per cent. The bottom 50 per cent’s share of real wealth rose, while that of the top one per cent declined.

The Queen wqelcomes President Joe Biden to Windsor Castle.

In 2019 real median household income in America rose by more $4,400, more than in any of the 16 years to 2016.

President Biden, on the other hand, will spend trillions on quantitative easing, which will end up boosting asset values of those who already own considerable wealth, while saddling ordinary people with massive future debts.

The billionaires who earn a fortune from American government contracts will rub their hands with glee, so perhaps it’s not surprising that Forbes Magazine revealed in March 2020 that 94 billionaires at that stage had contributed massive sums to Biden’s presidential campaign. Very few supported Trump.

Mr Buick and others who criticise Trump should perhaps realise that, in doing so, they are siding with the extremely wealthy over ordinary people. I’m afraid that “quiet dignity” just isn’t a good enough reason to support Biden.

From: Sam Willmott, Bingley.

I TOTALLY agree with James Buick – Joe Biden has bought an element of statesmanship back to the White House.

Time will tell on the economy, but it spoke volumes about the mess left by the blundering and bombastic Donald Trump that the restoration of “quiet dignity” had to be the first priority of an incoming president tasked with leading the free world.

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