Keep party politics out the West Yorkshire mayoral election - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: D Croft, Greystones Close, Aberford, Leeds.

A ballot count. Picture: Tony Johnson
A ballot count. Picture: Tony Johnson

REGARDLESS of the suitability of any of the West Yorkshire mayoral candidates for that position, I will not be putting a cross on the ballot paper for any of them.

I am convinced that anyone with an active involvement of a political party should not be allowed to stand for election.

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This position should in no way be concerned with party policies. It has been noticeable for many years now that politicians have very little common sense and are mainly driven by point scoring and playing political games. They have become to look mainly pathetic.

All candidates for the new position should be judged by their individual record of achievements in their life of employment and their ability to show common sense and appreciation of the needs of the community in their particular area and environment.

The winner should be the one who best satisfies the respect of the community by their respective campaign messages, ideas and concerns about people and the environment.

Personally, I would be delighted if a large percentage of the voting population made note of this on the ballot papers and refused to vote for any of the present candidates.